TY-500 PB OL with Vision

For Sheet-Fed Offset

TY-500PB AOL is a fully automatic optical punch and transport system for online
connection to CTP systems. As the exposed printing plate emerges from the plate
processor, it will be conveyed by the in feed unit into the main optical punch and
transport unit. Here, the plate will be positioned in perfect register by the vision system.
Punch and transport will automatically activate and finally the plate will be released to be
collected in the collection unit.

1. Fully automatic optical registration, plate punching and transport for online
connection to CTP systems.
2. Turn-Table module for handling single and panorama plates.
3. Register punching and transport configurations according to customer’s
4. Durable punching tool (made of SKD-11 steel) for longer operation giving precise
register (pin) holes, trim corner, and U-cuts
5. Exact register positioning of offset plates by high quality video CCD cameras
searching for register marks
6. Operation table with vacuum securing system
7. Integrated solution for programming, electronic, and mechanical components